what's inside

Handmade AJL-Fiberglass case

Every guitar is delivered with handmade finberglass case. Gypsyguitarcase is copied from Selmer "Pegamoid" case, the design is the same, but it's made in fiberglass with better cushioning and it's very safe. Comparing to AJL case, any regular factory made case looks bulk and clumsy. I like to have it sleek & slim, so it fits easily to overhead lockers in aeroplane. Selmer had the interior in red or blue, I offer same colours. Nice option for that would be AJL casebag, it gives extra protection and makes your hardshell case even easier to carry as backpack

Archtop case is also designed and built here in my workshop. It's also slim and can be customized with different styles, Fiberglass case can even have outside in two-tone lizard-skin style with leopard inside ! - of course no real leopard or lizard is harmed here...