what's inside


Ebony needs to be carefully dried to prevent loose fret ends. I also glue all frets and fill the fretboard edge. 

For frets I use Jescar FW5509 fretwire, It's available in traditional 18% Nickel Silver (62% copper, 18% nickel, and 20% zinc so it really is harder than traditional "German silver").

Jescar FW5509 Gold EVO; Jescar's  EVO "Gold" is proprietary nickel-free hypoallergenic alloy, originally devised to make eyeglass frames for folks with nickel allergies. However it contains no gold despite the name- but it's almost as hard as Stainless, making vibrato very easy and smooth - both beautiful and durable.

Jescar FW5509 Stainless steel - hardest of all these, also nickel-free, the most durable choice.