what's inside

wood shrinks

I have my workshop climate control adjusted to 43% of relative humidity. As the woods are properly dried and the construction is made under stable conditions, I can guarantee that your AJL-guitar won't crack.

When guitars are made in high moisture environments (or the wood isn't properly dried), and it's sent to a drier climate, the wood starts to shrink - always - due to the nature of wood. That can sometimes cause the wood to crack.

When guitars are made in low humidity and then brought to a higher humidity environment, the wood absorbs moisture and expands. This doesn't cause cracks, only the need to adjust.

On archtop and gypsyguitar, You usually just need to keep the neck straight by adjusting truss-rod. When top wood gets to drier conditions than when it built, it comes down, and You may need to lower the bridge too.

In an perfect world, I'd have different humidity set in the workshop for every guitar based on where it was destined to go, 80% for the one heading to the customer on the beach in California, 30% for someone in Norway - but I chose to have 43% of relative humidity.