what's inside

AJL Guitar set-up & Playability

As an acoustic instrument, the jazz guitar has better volume and projection when the string action is set a bit higher. However, with the action set lower, it is easier to play. Some players are more accustomed to the lower action of an "electric guitar-like" setup, while some will prefer the more traditional feel of higher action with no string buzz. Then again, some may desire something in between the two that offers good volume, and provides a touch of buzz to be used for effect -which is typical of gypsy guitar.

String height affects the sound of the guitar in many ways. high action leaves more space for the strings to vibrate without touching the frets, and the steeper angle over the bridge applies more pressure on the top. Depending on the top, some guitars like that, and some don't. High string action can also reduce sustain, and treble response, while low action can sound brighter and more "open".

All AJL gypsy guitars are provided with three rosewood bridges of different heights, which makes adjusting the string action very easy. When the neck is adjusted straight, measured between the high E-string and the top of the 12th fret, the string action is set to 1.75mm, 2.00mm, or 2.25mm (Low E-string is set + 0.5mm). Each bridge is adjusted and shaped for that particular guitar only.

All bridges have intonation adjusted to New Savarez Argentine 010 stings,unless otherwise requested.